WTC: A Love Story

The audiovisual installation WTC: A Love Story deals with the current transition of the World Trade Centre towers in Brussels and reflects both critically and speculatively on the positions of the (architectural) players involved, centering on the question of what subversion can mean within such decision-making process. In collaboration with filmmaker Christopher Roth, and using filmmaking as an architectural tool, the installation combines documentary analysis with the construction of fictional narratives to open up new avenues of (activist) thinking.

This production is currently in preparation.
Directors: Lietje Bauwens, Wouter De Raeve, Christopher Roth
Production company: Video Power
Co-production: CIVA
Partners: Het Kaaitheater, A+ Belgian Architecture Magazine, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art
Special thanks to Jozef Devillé
Supported by: VGC